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Are you where your customers are?

As simple as this question sounds, many organizations do not spend enough time thinking through their answer.  Instead, we are pressured to be where everyone else is even if it doesn’t make sense for our particular market.

 <Honest and Transparent Moment: I have been guilty of this myself. >

The result is wasted resources in terms of energy, time, and money.   And aren’t these the things we are always complaining we don’t have enough of?

Part of our CustomerConnect work with our clients involves getting them to visualize their ideal customer and detail out a typical day in the life of that customer.  As you can imagine, going through an entire day of your customer leads to interesting insights about where they are including the sources they use to get information and buy products or services.

Where you think you need to be to in order to connect with customers and be successful may not be accurate.

A recent article by Mashable titled “10 Very Successful Small Businesses that Don’t Use Social Media” illustrates this idea perfectly.  We all think we need to be on social media in order to connect with customers and be successful, right?  However, for some businesses, their success has not been contingent upon social media.  They have learned that their target market is not on social media and it doesn’t make sense in terms of their resources to be on social media.


I am not saying you should or should not be on social media.  What I am saying is that you need to empirically discover where your customers are.

Do this research TODAY…before you waste any more of your organization’s precious resources.

Then your organization needs to decide how to allocate resources so you can be there consistently and with confident presence.

Questions to ask yourself and answer TODAY:

  1. Where are my customers?
  2. What is my supporting evidence for the above answer?
  3. Is my organization at the place described in #1?
  4. Is it the best use of my organization’s resources to be at the place described in #1?
  5. What do we need to do to be there with confident presence?
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Ursula Saqui is an academic and psychotherapist turned entrepreneur. Works with individuals and organizations that are willing, curious, and brave enough to intensely focus and work on their brand, customers, and competitive advantage. When she is not working, she is spending time with her family, reading, playing soccer, or eating steak. Connect with Ursula via , Twitter, LinkedIn, or on Facebook.