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How to Identify & Keep Your Ideal Customer (and Make More Money)

Want more customers?  Want more IDEAL customers?

Peter Drucker said, “The purpose of a business is to create and keep a customer.”  Without customers, you have no business. Without IDEAL customers, you have no sustainable business.

You probably already know this but like most people, you aren’t doing it.

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Here are 10 of our best articles to help you identify and attrhow to identify & keep your ideal customeract your ideal customer so you can help more people and make more money.

These articles aren’t fluff.

They are full of action steps, to-do’s, self-assessments, client examples, and more.  They will make you think differently and take action.

IDENTIFY–The most important step!

1. Start by identifying your ideal customer and which target market he/she belongs to using this out-of-the-box but totally awesome method in this article: “Identifying your target market: Why it is really all about love.

2. Most people have an underlying fear of focusing on a target market.  If you are afraid of identifying a target market, read this article NOW and get over it so you can serve your customers and make money: “How to end your fear of declaring a target market.

3. If you still need convincing on the importance of identifying your target market, read this article: “The importance of knowing your target market.

4. Now that you have your ideal customer identified, you MUST get to know them inside and out to really connect and engage them.  Here are the Three Golden Questions you NEED to ask your target market today!

Now that you have identified and started to get to know them, you have to dig even deeper to learn how to keep them.

KEEP–to generate consistent revenue and keep your business sustainable!

5. Everyone says to attract your ideal customers, you need to provide value.  But what IS value? Read this article “Value the one thing you must know” to really see what you are doing through the eyes of your customers.

6. Ever come across someone you feel just “gets you?”  One thing he or she is doing is speaking your language (figuratively and literally!).  YOU want to speak the language of YOUR CUSTOMERS so they feel you “get them.” This first article tells you how to discover the language of your customers and then test your ideas.  The second article “How 3 organizations discovered the language of their target audience” describes three examples of how actual clients used this method and the impact it had on their businesses.

7. In the midst of trying to attract customers, you want to do a gut check and read this article to make sure you are not being self-centered.

8. If you only push your product or service in your promotions, it’s not very attractive.  However, add in some human elements and you get a better magnet.  For a better promotional piece, read this article and answer the question “Are you designing your marketing pieces around a promotion or a person?

9. If the attraction is there, you eventually have to ask for it.  That is, you have to ask for your customer’s email address. There is a better way to do it so read this article for tips “Asking for customer email addresses.”

10. Hopefully, one outcome of attracting your target market is getting them to fall madly in love with you so they never leave, right?  Well, here is “The #1 way to get your target market to love you.

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