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LinkedIn opts me out of weekly group digest emails without asking

I received the following email this morning.

linkedin email_122112


This LinkedIn group is one I like to keep up to date on but don’t necessarily feel the need to visit on a regularly basis.  Therefore, I have a weekly digest sent to me.  Isn’t that the point of the weekly digests?  To keep you informed without you having to do a lot of busy work by logging in and going to each and every LinkedIn group?

This is a good example of how you could possibly do something you think is helpful to your customers  but from their perspective, it is annoying and rude.  I didn’t ask for this change and now I have to change it back to the way I want it.

Lesson for the day:  Ask, don’t assume.

Question for the day: What could you be doing that you think is helpful to your customers but may not be?

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Ursula Saqui is an academic and psychotherapist turned entrepreneur. Works with individuals and organizations that are willing, curious, and brave enough to intensely focus and work on their brand, customers, and competitive advantage. When she is not working, she is spending time with her family, reading, playing soccer, or eating steak. Connect with Ursula via , Twitter, LinkedIn, or on Facebook.
  1. Sarah

    Agreed! This was a terrible move on LinkedIn’s part!

    • SaquiResearch

      I’m glad to see it just wasn’t me being picky! 🙂