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Who says researchers can’t be fun & entertaining?

Special thanks to Matt Valuckis of V as in Victor and Martin Olesky of Wingman Communications & Marketing who invited me to be a guest on their Ad Men Radio show on The Lakeshore 89.1 on Tuesday.  We talked about the importance of getting to know your customers, the need to focus, what JCPenney is and isn’t doing and more.  The hour long podcast, which is posted below,  is perfect for the drive home.  By the way, you can read the JCP article I mentioned by clicking here.

Enjoy and leave your comments below!  -Ursula


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Ursula Saqui is an academic and psychotherapist turned entrepreneur. Works with individuals and organizations that are willing, curious, and brave enough to intensely focus and work on their brand, customers, and competitive advantage. When she is not working, she is spending time with her family, reading, playing soccer, or eating steak. Connect with Ursula via , Twitter, LinkedIn, or on Facebook.